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 Sex is an important part of life and crucial for a healthy relationship. However, in this age of hyper-connectivity and sex cams, there is a high percentage of men suffering from loneliness and depression. Work related stress is the most important culprit but having said this, strained relationship among couples also contributes to the the low mental health of young men. There are many factors that contribute to the epidemic rise of loneliness among men, here are some significant reasons.

Work Life Imbalance

In the age of cut throat competition, young men are striving hard to fulfill their dreams and sometimes even burning the midnight oil. Hence they have no time to nurture a relationship. They have no time nor money for dates and hence depend on realistic sex doll for their pleasure.

Safe zone

When you hook with strangers, there is always fear of contracting STDs or any type of infection, but this is not the case with real sex dolls. If you wash her internal organs after every use or use condom, there is no fear on contamination. The TPE material is hypoallergenic and completely safe for intimate use, hence, it is very popular in the medical industry. People suffering from latex allergies may not fear when making with the life size doll.

Realistic Experience

The real dolls look so real that you can mistake it for a real woman. They have anatomically correct figure and unique personas. In fact you can design you make your own doll. If you like big tits tiny waist, just send an image of the figure to the Doll company and they use AI software to make 3D face model scanning your design. You can have custom sex doll for your harem. The internal organs are so realistically carved to give real experience that you may doubt her inorganic status!